New Five Year Averaging Rules For Farmers

A good thing for farmers, or just average? Liz Cliffe | Towers + Gornall   Farmers have traditionally been able to average their profits over a two-year period, providing they complied with the various conditions for the two-year averaging rules. With effect from the 2016/17 tax year farmers can now take advantage of a new […]

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Update: Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

UPDATE 18.11.16 COMMON AGRICULTURAL POLICY 2014-2020 PERIOD RURAL GRANTS UPDATE (ENGLAND) The general objectives of the CAP are (i) the promotion of viable food production, (ii) the sustainable management of natural resources and (iii) the balanced territorial development of rural areas across the EU. PILLAR 1 DIRECT PAYMENTS SUPPORTĀ – EUROPEAN AGRICULTURE GUARANTEE FUND Cross-compliance ensures […]

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