New Dairy Farmers Scheme: Apply now (closing date 31 May 2017)

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Launching a new scheme for small dairy farmers

Liz Cliffe | Towers + Gornall

Closing date for registration: 31 May 2017

Defra has launched a new small dairy farmer scheme, the third part of its EU Exceptional Aid package.

You can expect to receive this one-off payment towards the end of July 2017 if you are eligible to register.

The two main requirements are as follows:

  • Annual cow milk production must not have exceeded one million litres in the year April 2015 to 2016;
  • Milk must still be in production upon registration

Two further restrictions apply:

  • Payments will be capped at 500,000 litres of cow milk production;
  • You must be registered on Rural Payments

The rate per litre farmers can expect will not be known until RPA count the final number of successful applicants.

You can register for this scheme here and you will need proof of the volume of milk produced in the last milk year (an annual milk cheque will suffice).

The completed form and proof is to be emailed or otherwise posted to the following address if you do not have access to email:

Small Dairy Farmers Scheme
Rural Payments Agency
Room 151
Lancaster House
Hampshire Court
Newcastle Upon Tyne

It is recommended that postal tracking is used to ensure guaranteed delivery.

For more information please feel free to visit

If you need assistance with registration or general guidance regarding the scheme please contact us on 01995 600600 or at

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