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The morning of the 14th January was bitterly cold and typically northern. A slight breeze freshened the air and cooled further the faces of those who had signed up for the 2018 Garstang 10k; now gathering in their hoards for what, for some, was a routine run. For others, however, it was to be a step into the unknown; a test of their fitness and resolve.

The event kicked off at 11am from Garstang Community Academy and the weather was nothing if not perfect for a race around the roads of Garstang. Eager anticipation and nervous trepidation was forgotten as the starting bell sounded and the runners were underway.

The route took the participants across flat roads, up hills and over bridges. Along the route friends and family were lined in their droves to give support and take photographs. They really did help the athletes along the route and no doubt spurred them to a better time than they would have achieved otherwise.

Luckily for all involved the weather held up for the duration of the event. The finishing line and the welcoming committee of devoted supporters were a sight for sore eyes, and feet. Towers + Gornall would like to thank the organisers who helped our staff make it round the course safely. Special mention goes to our very own Kath Dickinson who braved the cold to marshal her section of the course.

And of course congratulations go out to all the event participants. Towers + Gornall is proud that its staff were able to complete the race and with such good times!

Here’s a list of our runners and their finishing times:

  • Paul Yates 75th 43 minutes 9 seconds
  • Jill Nickson 209th 50 minutes 38 seconds
  • John Willett 210th 50 minutes 43 seconds
  • Mark Winstanley 227th 51 minutes 46 seconds
  • Scott Lamoury 237th 52 minutes 14 seconds
  • Tom Winstanley 278th 55 minutes 11 seconds
  • Jonathan Cross 297th 56 minutes 32 seconds
  • Mick Gornall 298th 56 minutes 32 seconds
  • Andrew Winstanley 331st 59 minutes 12 seconds
  • Rosa Stuart 349th 60 minutes 28 seconds
  • Anya Cross 350th 60 minutes 29 seconds
  • Jayne Hodge 351st 60 minutes 30 seconds
  • Anne Hutton 355th 60 minutes 42 seconds
  • Katie Russell 421st 69 minutes 0 seconds

Staff sponsorship at the time of writing totals £500. We will update when the final figure is counted.

What a great start to the new year for all involved!

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