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Now is the best time to plan ahead

It’s easy to forget about financial planning for the future when you’re wrapped up in everything that’s happening today.

However, the earlier you plan for your future, the easier and less stressful your financial life will be.

Finding the time to plan and discuss your financial affairs now, will mean you can move forward into the future with confidence.

Succession Planning

If you own a business, you will need to plan what happens should you decide to retire. You’ll need to consider who will be affected financially by the decision. For example, whether and when prospective buyers need to be found, or if your business is passed over to the next generation of family members or to key staff.

Careful financial planning is needed so that the process can be completed smoothly and to the benefit of everyone involved. We’ll help you manage your own and business affairs so that the transition is as painless and profitable as possible, whatever the timescale.

Estate Planning

Inheritance can be a sensitive issue but it’s also one where advance planning is essential if the benefits of inheritance are to be realised.

As part of the financial planning process, we will review your inheritance tax situation on an annual basis and advise you on how best you can protect your estate for the benefit of your heirs, as well as helping in the administration of your estate.

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