More for
our clients

Right now, you probably just need someone to sort your books and crunch the numbers to pay the right amount of tax. We’ll do that, of course. It’s what happens after that that makes the T&G difference.

About Us

More than Accountants

We’re partners, champions, supporters, advisors, friends... and we’ve got your back.

Our clients stay clients for the (very) long term. Over such a long time, needs evolve. That’s why we’re not just the accountancy firm you need now. Together with our partners, we’re the business improvement or tax planning people. We’re the savings, pensions and investments people. We’re the mortgage or probate people.

As your business grows and your circumstances change, you can count on us. We’re partners, champions, supporters, advisors, friends… and we’ve got your back. Discover the difference that makes.

for Our People

We really value our clients and we know that to offer the gold standard service that we do, we need a great team. This is why we make T&G a good place to work, a good place to grow, and a good place to progress.

More for Our Community; more for Our Planet

Like you, we’re working to ensure we do our bit to work more sustainably. Also like you, we’re committed to our local community; it’s just that we haven’t always talked about it. Now, through the Towers & Gornall Community Fund, we’re doing more in a way that’s easier for everyone to see.